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Screen Brightness Meter

Model : SM208

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Screen Brightness Meter

Model : SM208

Screen Brightness Meter

Adopting a detector powered by a silicone photocell with high stability, photostability, and shock resistance, strict vision correction and accurate photometric measurement can be realized.
With a wide measuring range, it can measure between 0.01-39990cd/m2 without a dimmer.
It is a digital display with good indication reproducibility, data latching and peak value latching functions;
With very low power consumption, it can operate continuously for 100 hours on a 9V layer-built battery;
Mini light probe, measuring angle <10O;
Compact, portable, easy to use.
Technical specifications:
Measuring range 0.01-39990cd/m2
Measuring distance ≤1m
Object size ≥Ф20, increasing with the increase of measuring distance

±0.8% of the measured value +1 figure
Indication error:
±0.5% of the measured value +1 figure (relative to NIM standard)
Spectrum response characteristics:
In accordance with the standard of national grade I illuminometer
Linearity error:
≤+0.2% of the measured value +1 figure
Temperature characteristics:
≤+0.1% of the measured value +1 figure
Operating environment:
Temperature: (0-40)0C
Relative humidity: ≤85%
Dimensions and weight: 149X71X41mm3
Power supply: 9V layer-built battery (model 6F22)